• German Shepherds

  • AKC Registered German Shepherd Dogs - Deborah L. Pollard

    I have always loved the German Shepherd Dog. Rin Tin Tin was a dog to be admired and as a child I always wanted one just like him.

    I received my first German Shepherd when I was only 12 years old and he was a rescue from the pound- he was the greatest dog young girl could have had.

    I got my first AKC Registered GSD by winning a 4-H essay contest. It was the start of a love affair I have with the breed. The GSD is my breed of passion and are my Heart dog!

    In 1985 I purchased a lovely female puppy, who became the foundation of my small breeding program. Morgaine opened the doors and showed me the way to what I was to become as a dog breeder & trainer. I owe all of my success to her. Her offspring have done her proud in all areas and although I lost her way too young she was able to be the start of something that I hope will live on for some time to come.

    The German Shepherd Dog is truly a wonderful breed and I want people to be happy and proud that they own a GSD. But, this is not a breed for everyone and I encourage potential owners to do a lot of research about the breed and breeders before embarking down this road.

    At Tagestraum GSDs I strive to produce healthy, smart and beautiful dogs with stable temperaments. My dogs are successful in the conformation and performance rings as well as much love family pets.

    I do very limited breeding and I want to make sure my puppies are placed as family pets and companions first, then show and performance dogs second. Anything that these dogs go on to do, either in the show ring or performance arenas is just icing on the cake.

    While I work very hard to breed loyal, healthy, intelligent dogs free of genetic defects, I feel that the public must realize and take into consideration that as breeders we are dealing with genetics and as such, problems can arise. I do my best to support my puppy owners and see that any and all questions they have are answered in a timely manner and that they are happy with the puppy they have chosen for its entire life.

    I try to ensure all my breeding stock has been certified free of inheritable genetic defects.

    I will screen homes to make sure that the puppy and the potential owner(s) are suitable for each other. When someone takes a puppy from me, I expect that person to remain in contact with me for the life of the dog. With all the good stuff and accomplishments. Also letting me know of any potential problems or if there is a need for advice of any kind. It is vital as the breeder that I am made aware of health screening results of the puppies as they grow up in order for me to continue to breed only the healthiest of dogs. I cannot address problems if the owners do not keep me informed.

    My lifelong dream is to have people enjoy the same love of this breed that I have.

    If you are interested in future breedings email me.