• Herding Training

    Our facility includes a 65 x 95 indoor arena, a 100x 100, 100 x 200, 116 x 232 outdoor arenas. And a 450 x 600 field. Also a 63 x 100 duck arena. The big arena, duck arena and field are all irrigated grass.

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    German Shepherds

    I have always loved the German Shepherd Dog. Rin Tin Tin was a dog to be admired and as a child I always wanted one just like him. I received my first German Shepherd when I was only 12 years old and he was a rescue from the pound- he was the greatest dog young girl could have had.

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    Border Collies

    My affection for Border Collies started with my first one. “Rue” was about 2 when I got him, he had had some training but had been deemed unsuitable for much let alone a trial dog. He was supposed to be just my chore dog. As he taught me more and more about handling I decided it was time to try him in the trial arena. Well what a trial dog he was!

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  • Welcome To Herding 4 Ewe

    We are not accepting new students or giving aptitude tests at this time

    Herding 4 Ewe is owned and operated by Deborah Pollard and is located in Vacaville Ca between Sacramento and San Francisco.

    We are dedicated to All Purebred Herding Breeds and eagerly encourage All Purebred Herding Breeds and all levels of handlers to participate in the rewarding sport of herding. We offer training for both Competition and Ranch/ Farm work. The best way to see what herding is all about and if it something for you and your dog is to attend one of our Herding Aptitude Tests. They are offered in the late Fall, Winter, Spring. They are scheduled as time allows so email us to get on the list for future tests.

    Due to the large volume of interest in herding at Herding4Ewe we are limiting, at this time, Aptitude Testing to new dogs who are PUREBRED Herding Breeds only. Dogs must be eligible for the AKC Herding Program, as this is our primary focus.
    Unfortunately we had to have a way to limit new dogs due to lack of space and time.
    At this time there are no openings for mixed breeds or dogs with breed verification through DNA testing.
    Sorry but there are only so many days in the week, hours in the day and there is only one of me!
    We do offer, as space and time allows, training for ranch/farm dogs whose owners already have livestock and just need a bit of help to make the dog more useful on their own property.
  • More information? Feel free to contact us.

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